A few years back I produced the painting "Look for a Gnat...Find a Crocodile"(inspired by my favourite author Julian Barnes). Then recently I painted "Crocodile Eyes" 24x30" which was inspired by a news headline concerning a French Tourist attacked by a crocodile while...

Wherever the diverse compilation of my images come from, in the process of cognition, the work becomes invested with personal meaning and which I augment by giving a clue to my thinking with a title...then it just gets thrown back into the collective pool....

Submitted these new paintings to the "call to artists" at Glenhyrst Art Gallery of Brant, but knew they weren't appropriate and probably would be rejected(& they were)but every once in a while need to get the "social rant" out there and I've been doing paintings like t...

Facinated by the artist, his life, time and his muses! Notably Lee Miller (a woman's war) and Merit Oppenheim! 


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