Found the crocodile



A few years back I produced the painting "Look for a Gnat...Find a Crocodile"(inspired by my favourite author Julian Barnes). Then recently I painted "Crocodile Eyes" 24x30" which was inspired by a news headline concerning a French Tourist attacked by a crocodile while posing with it for a Selfie!  I kept asking myself "why had I  bothered doing this?"  and each time I passed the painting in my studio I was "how stupid is that" (both the tourist & the painting)! Then,(eyeing the gesso pot) it finally dawned on me that the painting for me had much more to say... and it goes like this: "Which one of us (women) hasn't made the very very stupid mistake of not recognising a fierce predator at our feet! Perhaps out of naivety, ego, attention or not believing how truly dangerous the ground beneath our feet can be! Crocodile Eyes!!! And if you survived it (man or beast) ..."An attitude of Gratitude" 




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